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    The Annealsys SprayCVD-050 is a 2-inch aerosol CVD reactor especially developed to meet the requirements of research and development units. The system can accommodate substrates up to 2”x2”. The infrared lamp heating system provides in-situ rapid thermal annealing process capability inside the deposition chamber. The system can be equipped with Kemstream Atokit for the precursor atomization and spray generation. The system has vacuum capability and gas mixing capability. The Spray CVD tool is fully computer controlled for easy utilization and data logging. The software is Windows compatible.

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Detail Specification

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Applications Spray-CVD, RTA, RTO, In-situ annealing capability
Substrate size up to 2-inch diameter
Temperature max. 1200°C
Temperature ramp rate 200°C/s on 2-inch silicon wafer
Temperature control thermocouple (optional pyrometer) , fast PID
Vacuum capability 10-3 Torr
Gas lines up to 3 gas lines with MFC and one purge line with needle valve
Loading manual, optional interface for glove-box


Maximum substrate size

   2-inch x 2-inch

Process chamber 

   Quartz tube with stainless steel flanges


   Halogen lamps

   Optional top or/and bottom source heating

Temperature control

   Thermocouple temperature control

   Fast digital PID temperature controller

Vacuum, gas and liquid   

   Purge gas line with needle valve

   Up to 3 process gas lines with mass flow controllers

   Kemstream Atokit for precursor atomization

   Vacuum valve and vacuum gauge

   Optional vacuum rotary pump

   Optional pressure control with throttle valve


   Full PC control


   Electricity: 3x400V+N+Gr or 3x220V+Gr, 50/60 Hz

   Power: 15 kW

   Water: 2 to 6 bars, pressure drop 1 bar, 8 l/mn

   Compressed air: 6 bars (valve actuation, low consumption)

   Process gas fittings: Swagelok ¼

Dimensions and weight

   Width: 700 mm

   Depth: 700 mm

   Height: 700 mm

   Weight: 90 kg

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