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About Us

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       Established in January 2001, Applied Nano Technology Science, Inc. (ANTS) is a company dedicating to specific component manufacturing and technology research & development of vacuum and nanotechnology applications and is mainly oriented to provide products and technical services to customers.


         Based on the global industrial design and manufacturing center - Taiwan, we are open to worldwide market on applications of vacuum and nanotechnology. 


     In 2003, ANTS succeeded to debut Taiwan’s first Magnetic Rotary Feedthrough in view of Nano-scale ferromagnetic fluid synthesizing revolution coupled with professional R & D and manufacturing technology breakthroughs. Magnetic Rotary Feedthrough, playing as a vacuum / ambient sealing interface, while transferring power from ambient into vacuum, is a critical vacuum components for tremendous applications. ANTS enrolled a series of Magnetic Rotary Feedthroughs to provide vacuum equipment users and vendors an independent brand-new source. Since Magnetic Rotary Feedthrough is developed independently by ANTS, we possess a complete set of diverse capabilities, from manufacturing, maintenance to development and test to provide commercial and specific Magnetic Rotary Feedthrough customization and maintenance services.



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