About Us


About Us

Corporate Philosophy

       Customer satisfaction is our major goal as well as the corner stone to maintain long term sustaining. We are dedicated to improving product and service quality for pursuing customer satisfaction. Not only external customers, but also we care about internal customers. To satisfy our employees is our permanent goal as well.


      Quality improvement is like rowing upstream, not to advance is to drop back. We cannot be satisfied with where we are now, instead we ought to keep improving quality system continuously. “Don't think any vice trivial, and so practice it.” is the old saying to perfectly describe how we should execute a quality improvement. No matter how tiny the improvement is, only if it follows the spirit of improvement, it’s worth doing anyhow.


      We fully believe that quality and organization is not the responsibility to only a small group of people in the company. It should be the responsibility to everybody within the company. Only based on the collaboration of all members, we have opportunity to operate the quality system thoroughly by fully dedication and participation to reach quality perfection.


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