About Us


About Us

Corporate Social Responsibility

         Since 2014, ANTS purchased table calendars from charity parties, such as Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation or Child Welfare League Foundation to participate public activities for helping people or group in need.


         September 2016 full participation in international Coastal Cleanup day, do the best efforts for the ocean.


       In June 2015, a dust explosion tragedy happened in Northern Taiwan. ANTS donated to a committee organized by tsmc to express our concern and care to the society hoping we can contribute a bit on emergent needs of the community.


      Enterprises need not only to reduce carbon emissions, but more green innovation,in order to create value for the products and to create sustainable symbiosis between people and environment. ANTS involved actively in the application of Ministry of Economic Affairs' project to promote green industry in 2014. Since 2015, the committee guided us through submitting "Green Building Label" and "Clean Manufacturing Assessment". Our goal is to achieve the certification of “Green Factory Label" to reach working, people and environment balance.


      Under the climate change trend, a growing global awareness of environmental protection has put environmental characteristics of the product / service more visible. With the international environmental standards, environmental trade measures for countries and consumer green procurement guidelines becoming more and more important and drawing more attentions, the demands of environmental protection, environmental standards compatible products is growing dramatically. In response to the current global trend of green production and green consumption, Ministry of Economic Affairs conducted projects to promote green business solutions since 2014. The main measure is international marketing to help domestic manufacturers to secure a global trade and business opportunities for green products and services. Since 2016, ANTS participates in green marketing coaching program actively.


      The health of employees is the company's wealth. To provide a safe and healthy working environment is a basic requirement of corporate social responsibility. ANTS provides employees annual health check free of charge to achieve this goal.


Employee relationship is built on good communication and understanding. To obtain staff support and recognition, ANTS has implemented following measures:
★ Annual staff meeting
★ Annual employee satisfaction survey
★ Provide pipeline for appeal


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