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LC Series

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    The LC100 is a four-inch tubular compact furnace designed for LPCVD processes. It is dedicated to research and development and small-scale production s. It can process up to 50 wafers per process.

    The process chamber is made of a quartz tube with stainless steel flanges. The quartz boats are held by two quartz rods attached to the loading door. The high quality, low thermal mass, heater elements provide fast thermal response.

    A high quality digital temperature controller controls the temperature of each heating zone. The controller has auto-tuning capability and continuous parameter adaptation in case of process changes. This temperature control system provides highly accurate and reproducible thermal cycles.

    The system is provided with one purge gas line and can receive up to 12 process gas lines with mass flow controllers.

    The furnace is available in single tube (LC100) and double tube (LC102) versions.

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Detail Specification

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Applications LPCVD, Annealing, Oxidation…
Substrate size up to 4-inch diameter
Temperature max. 1100°C
Temperature control 3 zones, thermocouple, PID control
Vacuum capability 10-3 Torr (option: 10-6 Torr)
Gas lines up to 12 gas lines with MFC, one purge line with needle valve
Loading manual batch (up to 50 wafers per process) 
Number of process tubes 1 or 2


Maximum substrate diameter

   Four inch

Process chamber

   Quartz tube with water-cooled stainless steel flanges


   Low thermal inertia resistor furnace

   Maximum temperature 1000°C or 1100°C

Temperature control

   Thermocouple temperature control

   Digital PID temperature controller – 3 zones

Vacuum and gas

   Purge gas line with needle valve

   Up to 12 process gas lines with digital mass

   flow controllers

   Vacuum valve and vacuum gauge

   Optional vacuum rotary of dry pump

   Optional pressure control with throttle valve

   Option turbo pump


   PC control


   Electricity: 3x400V+N+Gr or 3x220V+Gr, 50/60 Hz

   Power: 15 kW (1 tube) or 30 kW (2 tubes)

   Water: 2 to 6 bars, pressure drop 1 bar, 8 l/mn

   Compressed air: 6 bars (valve actuation)

   Process gas fittings: VCR ¼

Dimensions and weight

   Width: 700 mm

   Depth: 1700 mm

   Height: 1500 mm

   Weight: 600 kg

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