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    The Annealsys MC200 is a 200 mm thermally controlled wall reactor especially developed to meet the requirements of research and development units for DLI-CVD and DLI-ALD processes.

    The Direct Liquid Injection (DLI) vaporizers provide perfect control of precursor flow and allows utilization of low vapor pressure and diluted chemical precursors. The fast switching of the precursor vapor flows associated with the by-pass valve provided perfect interface control for deposition of nanolaminates.

    A capacitance plasma option offer PE-CVD and PE-ALD capabilities for reducing the deposition temperature. The automated liquid panel has been optimized for reduced consumption of chemical precursors. The no dead volume design provides full rising capability for easy change of chemicals and refilling of the precursor tanks in a glove box.

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Detail Specification

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Maximum substrate size

200 mm

Process chamber

Stainless steel with thermally controlled walls

Rotating substrate holder


Resistor heating up to 850°C

Temperature control

Thermocouple temperature control

Digital PID temperature controllers

Vacuum, gas and liquid

Purge gas line with needle valve

Up to 8 process gas lines with mass flow controllers

Up to 4 vaporizer units selected function of liquid precursors

Additional ALD kits

Custom liquid panel depending on the application

Vacuum valve and vacuum gauge

Optional vacuum rotary of dry pump


Full PC control


Electricity: 3x400V+N+Gr or 3x220V+Gr, 50/60 Hz

Power: 20 kW

Water: 2 to 6 bars, pressure drop 1 bar, 10 l/mn

Compressed air: 6 bars (valve actuation)

Process gas fittings: VCR ¼

Dimensions and weight

Width: 1405 mm

Depth: 1504 mm

Height: 2200 mm

Weight: 1000 kg

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