AS-One 200

AS-One 200

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Detail Specification

The system can process samples up to 200x200 mm⊃2;

Floor standing system for reduced footprint, easy access for service

High reliability and low cost of ownership

The stainless steel cold wall chamber technology provides high process reproducibility, ultra clean and contamination-free environment, as well as high cooling rates and low memory effect

Multi configuration with lamps on top, bottom or both sides. Multi-zone lamp furnace control for enhanced temperature uniformity.

Pyrometer and thermocouple associated with state of the art fast digital PID temperature controller provide accurate temperature control from low to high temperature range.

Edge pyrometer viewport insures enhanced temperature control of the susceptor for compound semiconductors and small samples.

Vacuum capability as a standard feature. A high vacuum version with base pressure down to 10-6 mbar)is available upon request.




• RTA (Rapid Thermal Annealing)

• RTO (Rapid Thermal Oxidation)

• Diffusion

• Selenization, sulfuration

• Compound semiconductor annealing

• Nitridation, Silicidation

• Crystallization and Densification






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